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5 Home Projects To Completely Transform Your Home

Sometimes having a vision for a used home can be tough. But, transforming someone else's home into you're dream home is totally possible! And sometimes it only takes a few little tweaks to get it where you want it. In this market especially, it's more important than ever to be able to see the potential in homes. Finding a good agent can also help with that. Here are a list of some basic home projects that can completely transform the look of your house. And most of them can actually be perfect DIY projects if you are on a budget or just want to save some extra money.

  • Paint the walls- It is so hard to see the potential in a house when the walls are not an ideal color. But, don't let this discourage you. A fresh coat of paint can seriously do miracles for a house. I love a good white or off white interior paint color, especially if the house is smaller, because it brightens up the space and helps with natural light. A few colored accent walls can be fun for bedrooms and mudrooms too. My go to right now is an olive gray/green color.

  • Paint the doors- This may seem crazy, but we recently a few of the doors in our house a charcoal color and it really made those areas POP! Now we are considering going back and painting all of the doors because it looked that good. A few doors we started off to see how it would look were: pantry door, front door (interior) and garage door (interior). If you're interested I can make a blog post on how we painted our own doors. It took a few attempts but we would up getting into a flow that worked really well.

  • Upgrade light fixtures- This is a big one if you're buying a home that is a little outdated. New light fixtures can completely change the look of the house and give it more of a custom feel. We spend a little more money on fixtures that will draw eyes more like the living room and kitchen fixtures. Some of the accent lights and bathroom lights we usually find a pretty good deal on (even if the quality isn't the absolute best) and just go with something that still looks pretty nice.

  • Replace the flooring- This is probably the only thing I will recommend you letting someone else handle completely. Unless you actually know what you're doing or maybe have family that does. But putting down new flooring in something that either has nasty carpet or outdated floors can also be one of the best ways to transform the look of your house. For smaller houses, lighter colored flooring is always going to help the house appear bigger. I really some LVP and as soon as we are ready we will be putting it down throughout our entire house.

  • Paint the cabinets- Pretty kitchens always seem like the focal point of a home. Most of the time, even the ugliest of kitchens can look a lot nicer with a fresh coat of paint and some new hardware. Personally I would go with a neutral paint color that will be timeless.

We did almost all of these projects (with the exception of flooring, which is happen one day) and we are in love with our home. Remember that cosmetics can always be changed and to try to see past stuff like that so that once you close on your new house, you can do whatever you want to it!

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