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Dawsonville's Breakfast Gems

It's easy to get in a rut of going to the same well known, chain breakfast places, but in Dawsonville there are some hidden gems that we have fallen in love with. Waffle House is great and all, but I encourage you to get out and try some of these local gems!

  1. Ray's Signature Grill- They have great food and coffee. And the people there are always so sweet. Click for directions.

  2. J&S Kitchen- They have the best biscuits, hands down. Click for directions.

  3. Country Cafe (WarHill)- It may not look like much, but trust us, it is YUMMY. Click for directions.

  4. Papa's Place- This is more of your home cooked breakfast kind of vibe. We love the atmosphere and the breakfast is delicious. Click for directions.

If you're willing to drive a little bit further, here are some other great options!

  1. Reid's Cafe (Murrayville) Click for directions.

  2. Foothill Grill (Dahlonega) Click for directions.

  3. First Watch (Cumming) Click for directions.

  4. Yahoola Creek Grill (Dahlonega) Click for directions.

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