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  1. Never go with the first offer. A lot of people feel like you need to see a few offers before deciding on one. That's simply not true, if the first offer is a good offer (and you are happy with it), it is ok to accept the first one.

  2. You need to renovate your home before putting it on the market. Many owners think that undergoing large scale renovations before listing will fetch them a higher price when it hits the market, however, the money spent on upgrades does not always translate to an equally higher sales price.

  3. You don't need a realtor to sell, just put a for sale sign in the yard and sell by owner. It's true that you don't need an agent to sell your home, but you give up the protections that come with an agent if you sell it yourself. An agent is dedicated to making the process smooth for you, they are very familiar with the paperwork and contracts that will protect you should anything not go as planned.

  4. List your home for a higher price so that you end up making more money. In most cases, highly overpriced properties sit on the market for longer periods of time until the seller reduces the price. There are some buyers that will see the "Price Reduction" notice and avoid the property because in the back of their mind they're wondering "what's wrong with it".

  5. Every agent is the same, so it does not matter which one you use. Each agent is different and it is worth meeting with them and interviewing them to see if they are a good fit. You want an agent that understands what you are looking for and will market your property to sell quickly and for the best price.

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