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Kids Eat Free- Dawsonville

Usually when I have to search really hard to find out valuable information, I immediately think there are probably a lot of others that could benefit from it as well. This is why I HAD to create a blog post on places in Dawsonville, Georgia that kids eat free.

Most of these places are going to be limited and it's usually with a purchase of an adult entrée. But, if your kids are anything like mine and they are usually starving when we order, and then take 2 bites when the meals come out, then you are going to appreciate this post.

Kids eat free or (really cheap) at:

  1. Senor Fiesta ($3 kids meals)- Mondays

  2. Miller's Ale House- on Tuesdays

  3. Crave Hot Dogs & BBQ- Wednesdays

  4. Friends Dawson Grill- Sundays

  5. Moe's- Sundays

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