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Places To Take Your Kids This Spring

Looking for some fun activities to plan with the kids over spring? I have made it easy for you to find some of our favorite places to take the kids when we have some free time and want to do something together as a family.

I hope you enjoy all of these ideas, they are relative to the North GA area, but I’m sure you may find other options closer to you if you are in a different area. If not, some of these ideas are worth the trip.

Happy Spring friends!

  • Gibbs Gardens (Ball Ground)- it’s so much fun to visit and see all the gorgeous flowers that are blooming. It is a pretty good walk, but you also have the option to pay for the cart tours and they will drive you around and drop you off at all the different gardens.

  • Jaemor Farms (Alto)- is one of our favorite places to visit through the year. There are some play areas for the kids as well as a small petting farm. Also they have the BEST homemade strawberry ice cream, so if you go there- THAT IS A MUST HAVE!

  • Warbington Farms (Cumming)- will have strawberry picking in mid April and that’s always a blast. After a fun day of strawberry picking you can come home and decide what you want to make, as a family, with all those strawberries.

  • Gem Mining at the Consolidated Gold Mines (Dahlonega)- my kids absolutely love doing this and I will be honest, I have a blast doing it as well. The tour is also really interesting, and if you have older kids- worth it. But I wouldn’t have wanted to take our littles on the tour. Luckily you can just go in and pay for a big ol’ bucket of gems to mine and let them have at it.

  • Launch (Dawsonville and other cities)- we do this one often, especially when weather isn’t pretty enough to go to the park, but the kids need to get their energy out. It’s a huge trampoline park with an arcade and laser tag and the kids always have the best time.

  • Freedom Mill (Cumming)- speaking of arcades, this place has some fun arcade games for the kids if you’re looking for somewhere to be able to eat and just play a few games. It’s also got ax throwing and a gun range if you have older kids or decide to sneak back out sometime for a date night.

  • Stars and Strikes (Cumming and other cities)- bowling is always a fun option for us. None of us are very good but we always enjoy playing together and making bets on who will win.

  • Chestatee Wildlife Preserve & Zoo (Dahlonega)- all of these animals are rescues and I just really enjoy being able to support places that aren’t just breeding animals in captivity. Just a personal preference but we love Chestatee for this reason and all money spent on admission helps to fund the ability to love for and take care of these sweet animals.

  • Camping or Glamping at Shady Grove (Cumming)- spots can sometimes be hard to find but this campground is so much fun and so beautiful. We love trying to find spots near the water. We haven’t had a chance to tent camp there yet, but it’s on our to do list. I will also eventually come back and link a full list of campgrounds that are great for families here.

  • Halcyon (Alpharetta)- has a giant green space as well as some fun games set up for the kids (soccer and huge connect 4 games). I love this space because you can order food and sit in the middle space while the kids play. You can choose any of the food court places (which are all good) or order take out from any of the amazing restaurants they have. There is a giant sand box and some little spinny chairs that my kids always love playing on. Parents, you’re also allowed to grab a drink and walk around. We usually end the day by going to pop bar and letting the kids create their own popsicles. So good.

  • Dahlonega’s Butterfly Garden- we haven’t tried this one yet, but it’s on our to do list. My kids love this kind of stuff so I will definitely report back after we give it a try!

  • Six Flags (Austell)- our kids aren’t quite old enough yet, but I remember how much fun we used to have as kids when we went.

  • The Lilly Pad Village (Blue Ridge)- has putt putt, gem mining, shopping, fishing and pic nic tables. It’s also let friendly so that’s a plus!

  • Blue Ridge Scenic Railway Rail Bikes- this looks so much fun! I cannot wait until our kids get old enough to do this. You get to hop on the bikes and ride down the railway looking at gorgeous scenery in Blue Ridge. It’s opened Wednesday- Sunday, weather permitting.

  • Babyland General (Cleveland)- if you have little girls, this is a MUST! Actually, my little boy loved going here just as much when he was almost 3. Getting a cabbage patch doll is something every little girl will remember. I can still remember my mom taking me when I was young.

  • Truist Park (Atlanta)- everyone loves a Braves game! Plan to show up early and enjoy all that Truist Park has to offer. There is eating and shopping and then you can hit up a Braves game and cheer on our World Series CHAMPS!

  • Mountain Fresh Creamery (Clermont)- our kids love stopping by here because, duh- the fresh icecream. But it’s actually really cool to see how passionate they are about their cows and serving fresh all natural dairy to their customers. Take the farm tour and then try how amazing their fresh dairy is!

There are plenty of parks and free places to go as well. If you’re interest, let me know and I can make a list of our favorite parks or free activities to do with the kids!

I hope this helps and you cherish every bit of time you have with your kids this spring.

- The Whaley Group

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